Jale and Jila Pashottan were born in Teheran, Iran on May 3rd, 1984. In less than six years they immigrated to Germany and were raised in the central part of Germany, known as Hessen. They are the daughters of an Artist and an Architect, and the youngest of four children. With their now multicultural background, they developed a love and passion for the arts over the years. As time passed they wanted to visually differentiate from one another, which gave birth to their new lust and passion for fashion.

After school, the sisters completed training in design as assistants. They soon after moved to Hanover to study fashion design. In 2012 they revolutionized their ideals and passions into a final bachelor collection in corporation with the Fashion Store, LIZAS, which is located in Hanover. After a successful completion of their collection they decided to follow their dream of founding their own fashion label. In October 2013 the twins brainstormed and finally founded their own label, and “JILAJALE” was born.